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Guided Journey Live: Energy Clearing & Expansion

Guided Journey Live: Energy Clearing & Expansion

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Event goes live on December 9th at: 1:30 PM EST. 

Hello and welcome to our Guided Journey Live session! We will be playing a specially curated mix of melodic house and techno, infused with special fields in the background, to clear us of energetic baggage, uplift our minds and spirits and set us all on a positive trajectory. 

I will guide through bringing up different topics and ideas to inspire specific feelings and trains of thought. The point is to inspire certain emotions while the music works through what comes to the surface. This is not a guided meditation. This is more like a guided DJ set, where the vibe is everflowing, very energetic and uplifting. More emotional and more direct. And in some moments, perhaps rather motivational. There are also syhnched up visuals to make the journey much more realized and captivating. 

This is a bit like a collective energy clearing that we all participate in together... to clear up some baggage, improve our self esteem and capacity for mental and spiritual expansion. But it will also be fun and interactive as we will all still talk through live chat!

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